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Lunch: Spring Reign

The Royals are attempting to make the playoffs for the first time since 1985 (AP Photo/Charlie Riedel)

The Royals are attempting to make the playoffs for the first time since 1985 (AP/Charlie Riedel)

Don’t look now, but the Kansas City Royals are undefeated through 10 Spring games. 

Hey, stop laughing!

I know, it’s the Royals. The doormat Royals that everybody snickers at. The same Royals who haven’t been to the playoffs since the Reagan administration. But hey, the Royals think they’re ready to win, and for the first time I can remember, their roster actually reflects that.

Admittedly, it’s not like KC is building off of previous success. The Royals were 72-90 last year, finishing third in a cutthroat AL Central. The most valuable takeaway from last season was that it was another season for their young talent to develop.

The youth of this team has people thinking success cannot only be obtained, it can be sustained. Their young core of Salvador Perez, Eric Hosmer, Alcides Escobar, Mike Moustakas and Billy Butler combined for 301 RBI last year. All five of those players are also aged 26 or younger. They hope to grow and increase their consistency this year, improving on a 2012 season that had KC finish 20th in total runs.

But the real eyebrow-raising in KC comes from the mound. The Royals made a huge move, possibly a defining move, when they sent megaprospect Will Myers to Tampa in exchange for pitching. James Shields and Wade Davis solidify their rotation, but this move will be scrutinized heavily over the next few years. Myers will most likely start the season in the minors, but expect a Trout/Harper-esque explosion when the Rays finally call his number.

If you’re reading this, you’re ahead of the curve. Because the Royals will start hot on Opening Day, and their start will be comparable to the Pirates in the first half of last season. So go tell your buddies, and watch them smile. Because knowledge is power, and Humble Pie is scrumptious on a summer day.

Brunch: Now When You Say, “Classic”….


Here it is!  Today’s the big day! It’s the WBC!

The Baseball event we’ve been waiting for!

Um, anybody there?

For the third time now, ESPN has done a subpar job promoting the World Baseball Classic. Running until March 19, 16 countries will be competing for a trip to the Championship Round at AT&T park in San Fran. There are two newcomers to the field this year, involving a new wrinkle in the rules. A qualifying tournament was held for the last two spots in the tournament, which in the past two Classics were given to Panama and South Africa. Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome the national teams from Spain and Brazil! Two countries that are so accustomed to their teams dominating one sport are sure to love watching their homeland getting destroyed by the likes of Chinese Taipei.

The real draw of the WBC is that no other major baseball tournament had ever before used MLB players. And the USA roster has a decent amount of firepower. David Wright, Brandon Phillips, and Mark Teixeira provide a solid infield and Ryan Braun could provide the power necessary to give the USA its first medal.

Oh, you didn’t know? Team USA has yet to medal in either of the previous two Classics. Truth is, this field is very competitive. There are 11 All-Stars on Venezuela’s roster, including Miguel Cabrera, and they finished third last time around.

But the real trouble is in the Far East.

Japan is fielding an all-domestic team this year, so no namedropping necessary. The WBC has been the most watched sporting event in Japanese television history, and why not- they are the two-time defending champions. Their biggest rival is South Korea, who also has a roster filled with players you’ve never heard of. Just know this: South Korea is 12-4 all-time at the WBC, with all 4 losses coming at the hands of the Japanese.

Am I going to watch the Classic? Probably not. Truthfully, it’s just not classic enough for me. This is only its third time around, and half of these teams are likely to get trampled early (I’m looking at you, Brazil).

Now the Big East Tournament? That’s Classic.

And it’s the last one, so damned if I miss one last showdown at MSG. BUT, the Big East tourney ends on the 16th. The WBC Championship is March 19. So I’ll be there to bandwagon for whatever team makes it to California.

But with seven months of baseball ahead of me, can’t I just enjoy March Madness?

Brunch: The Other Side Of The Coin

CK7 is all smiles 10 games into his career (Jeff Haynes/Reuters)

CK7 is all smiles 10 games into his career (Jeff Haynes/Reuters)

In today’s NFL, the hardest thing to do is to not win, but win consistently. To sustain success over multiple years. As team success grows, players feel they deserve more, and so naturally it becomes harder for a team to retain their best talent. So my question is, over the next five years, is anybody better prepared than the 49ers?

I think Jim Harbaugh is a great coach, one of my top 5 favorites in fact. But he came into the NFL with a stacked deck. A solid defense, an all-pro back in Frank Gore, and all-world tight end Vernon Davis were already on the roster upon arrival. Give Harbaugh credit for on-field success, but Mike Singletary was the skipper while this team gelled, and it was Singletary, not Harbaugh, who was crucial in the maturation of Vernon Davis.

What Harbaugh did not have was a lanky kid from Nevada. Colin Kaepernick elevated the Niners in a way Alex Smith never could, and his skill set is undeniable. CK is quick, he is smart, and he has a laser cannon attached to his right shoulder. If Kaepernick can stay healthy, he could lead this team for a long time to come.

So it comes as no surprise that Kaepernick’s friend and former mentor Alex Smith was shipped to Kansas City on Tuesday for two draft picks. This brings San Fran’s total to a whopping fifteen picks in April’s draft, 7 of which are in the first four rounds. 15 Picks! Talk about burning a hole in your pocket; Trent Baalke’s phone must be ringing off the hook. The 49ers are in the unique position of controlling their own destiny in the offseason. If there is a specific player they want in the draft, they will be able to offer any number of packages to teams if they would like to move up in the order.

The 49ers are stacked, but they are by no means perfect. There are still issues to be taken care of for this team before September. Namely, a few big names that need to be paid. Dashon Goldson has been a rock for this team since the moment he put a uniform on, and Harbaugh has said in the past that Goldson deserves a long-term contract. But Delanie Walker, Randy Moss, and others on the interior line are all poised to walk this summer, and it’s fair to say that some will walk for greener pastures.

What to do with the draft picks? As the big days get closer, we’ll break it down and see who the 49ers should be targeting. But with a package like that, many analysts are looking towards blockbuster trades. And if the Jets are willing to part with Darelle Revis, it might be something for the Niners to consider. Having a dynamic shutdown corner added to that defense would prompt me to make a phone call to Mr. Goodell’s office: it’s just not fair.

Although the 49ers would have loved to have kept Alex Smith, it simply was not a sound business decision. Harbaugh made it clear Week 10 that he was turning the page on the Alex Smith era, and Colin is now the Guy. And through 10 games, he’s a pretty good Guy to have. But as the film builds, and coordinators spend the summer strategizing, Kaepernick’s toughest test is yet to come. Because now if he struggles, or takes a hard hit on a designed run, there is no proven backup to turn to. If you’re willing to take that risk, the reward might be a San Francisco team ready to contend for a very long time.

Lunch: So Long, Mr. Smith

Chris Trotman/Getty Images

Chris Trotman/Getty Images

On March 12th, the 49ers and Chiefs will agree to a trade that will send Alex Smith to Kansas City in exchange for two picks, one of which being the 34th overall selection in April’s draft. Smith now joins a list of quarterbacks to go from the Bay Area to KC, and a slightly longer list of quarterbacks who were drafted number one overall and then later traded.

What do we make of Smith’s career thus far? He certainly didn’t match the hype or potential that comes with a first overall selection, but as it goes with most top picks, he went to a 49ers team in a transitional mode. The problem is that San Fran stayed in that transitional mode for the better part of the next decade. Smith-led teams finished 4-12, 7-9, 5-11, 7-9, 8-8, and 6-10 from 2005—10. During this time, Smith’s teams never made the playoffs, and Smith never threw for 20 touchdowns in a season. That being said, for each one of those years, Smith has had a different Offensive Coordinator.

Smith’s complete resume reeks of mediocrity, but the 2011 season is the reason KC pulled the trigger. San Fran finished 13-3 and Smith had a QB rating 90.3.


Can Alex Smith do any better than 90.3? In 2012 his rating was a whopping 104.1, but I’m not counting it because he didn’t finish the season. If your stats are so good you can brag about them, why were you replaced??

Alex Smith depends on a solid run game to be a productive quarterback. In his career, Smith has only 12 game-winning drives, which puts him on the all-time ranks amongst eh likes of Jim Zorn and Neil Lomax. Again, these are not knocks on Smith. Or are they?

The numbers show one thing: Alex Smith is average. He’s not great. He can a game, but no with it all on his shoulders. And the thing is, that might be exactly what Andy Reid is looking for.

Andy Reid, for his lack of Lombardis to his name, won a lot of regular season games. And he did so with a balanced attack that hinged on accurate passing. This style may be suited to Smith’s game, and Reid will love his experience starting with a new franchise. Smith flourished when the Niners were running the ball. In 2012, the Niners were ranked 4th, and the Chiefs were ranked 5th.

Nobody has been looking for a quarterback for longer than the Kansas City Chiefs. In fact, the last time a quarterback was drafted by the Chiefs and started was a man by the name of Todd Blackledge. The Chiefs have used free agency to find their QB for over two decades and Smith looks to be their best prospect yet.

Even if Smith doesn’t set the world on fire, the Chiefs are poised to at the very least improve on last season’s 2-14 finish. With a solid run game and a tenacious defense, Andy Reid should have no problem righting the ship. The Chiefs also play in the AFC North, which is one Peyton Manning away from being the worst division in football right now. Did I mention they also have the first overall pick?

This is just the first step in a number of moves in what should be a long tenure for Andy Reid in KC. Even if Smith does go the way of, Elvis Grbac, Warren Moon, Trent Green, Dave Krieg, and now Matt Cassel, the Chiefs are trying, and as of right now they are on the rise.

Tomorrow, we look at how this deal impacts the 49ers and the future of Colin Kaepernick.

Lunch: Combine Preview Day 4 (CB, S)

The whirlwind of the NFL Scouting Combine is almost completed, with one final day of workouts still in store before teams and players go their separate ways in preparation for individual pro days and ultimately the NFL Draft, which is exactly two months away to the day. Today the true speedsters of the combine hit the turf to show off their skills to the NFL brass, hoping to display speed, quickness, and a strong vertical leap. The cornerbacks and safeties will be put to the test today, and I am previewing top players and sleeper candidates to look out for today, as well as in the draft. Starting with the corners:


Dee Milliner returns an interception. (AP photo by LM Otero)

Dee Milliner returns an interception. (AP photo by LM Otero)

Dee Milliner, CB Alabama

How strange to see another member of the National Champion Crimson Tide at the combine, with 10 members of Nick Saban’s squad demonstrating their skills. In my opinion, Dee Milliner is the best of the bunch and still managed to blend in with the wide array of talent around him and is truly a number 1 corner at the next level. Measuring in at 6’0″ 201 lbs. I believe that Milliner has the size and speed to be an impact corner at the next level and his 40 time could catapult him solidly into the top 10 in the draft. Most people believe him to run in the 4.46-4.5 range, but I would not be surprised to see him run in the 4.36-4.40 and should he do this, he should expect to see a rise in his stock. His best trait on the field is his toughness, able to wrap up on tackles and does not shy away from contact. Teams will be aware, though, that he is participating in the combine injured with a torn labrum and will have surgery to rectify it in March. I still believe that he will have a good showing in Indy and solidify his place at the top of the cornerback chart.

Xavier Rhodes, CB Florida State

Rhodes had a strong season at Florida State this season, but has still seen a drop in his stock from last season, and he now sits as a fringe first round player/second rounder. He is a big physical corner measuring in at 6’1″ 210 lbs., a bit down from his playing weight during the season. This hopefully should translate to added speed which could only help him as I don’t believe that he will run well at the combine, running in the 4.5-4.6 range. If he can run in the 4.4 range, he will strongly be in first round consideration, as he is very strong in press coverage and is physical enough to force wide receivers to the outside. It will be interesting to see how he runs, as his time will be a direct reflection on his draft selection. Still, regardless of the 4.4-4.5 time, he is an intriguing prospect and should he drop, a team will get a good bargain on him.

Other Top Names:

  •  Jonathan Banks, CB Mississippi State
  • Desmond Trufant, CB Washington

Under the Radar:

  • Robert Alford, CB Southeastern Louisiana
  • Blidi Wreh-Wilson, CB Connecticut
  • Tyrann Mathieu, CB Louisiana State


This years safety class looks to be strong up top with good depth and I think that a lot of unknown talent will step up and make themselves known after today. There is currently one player who looks like a solid first round pick up to this point, but I believe we could see 2 more after today that warrant themselves with a first round selection, regardless of whether they get picked there, I think that there is good talent at the top of the safety class. Starting off:

Kenny Vaccaro (Photo: US Presswire)

Kenny Vaccaro (Photo: US Presswire)

Kenny Vaccaro, SS Texas

Vaccaro is this years top safety who as of now could see a top-10 selection, but more than likely top-15, but I believe his workouts will translate well and he will demonstrate the necessary skill et to be a successful safety at the next level. He measured in well at 6’0″ 214 lbs. and has long arms, so his 15 reps on the bench will not be a knock against him. He had a strong final season at Texas racking up 92 tackles and shows that he is unafraid of contact. He looks to be athletic, so we should expect a good vertical leap and a good broad jump, and if he can run in the 4.5-4.6 range it should demonstrate that he can be a great centerfielder at the next level. Look for Vaccaro to work out very well.

Eric Reid, FS Louisiana State

A tackling machine who looks like a tremendous NFL-ready safety, Reid looks to show his talents to the NFL brass, and I believe he will impress in Indy, running and working out well enough to possibly slide into the first round. Reid measured in at 6’1″ 213 lbs. and racked up 91 tackles. He is comfortable playing the run and the pass, dropping back or playing up in the box and rushing the quarterback. He needs to run in the 4.4-4.5 range to solidify a first round grade, which I believe he will do. Look out for Reid and Vaccaro to be a toss up come draft time, with Reid possibly jumping ahead as the top safety.

Other Top Names:

  • John Cyprien, FS Florida International
  • Matt Elam, FS Florida

Under the Radar:

  • T.J. McDonald, FS USC
  • Phillip Thomas, SS Fresno St.

Check back in the next day or two for a follow-up of how the combine fared for many of these players, such as who helped their stock and who dropped. Send us a tweet @theorangewedge to give your thoughts!

Lunch: Damian Lillard is For Realsies

This year’s rookie class is full of surprises (AP/Michael Conroy)

Let’s set the record straight: some of us here at The OrangeWedge have a gambling problem. Well, it’s not quite a problem yet, but over the course of our sportsbetting educations, we may not always make the best decisions.

Let’s take a late night this past summer, where I was looking at NBA Future bets, specifically Rookie of the Year. Did I have a good knowledge about how this year’s crop of freshman would pan out? Absolutely not. But Austin Rivers was going off +1800, and for some reason it was looking sexy. “All the focus will be on Anthony Davis,” I told myself (I’m delusional). “Did you see his winner against UNC? The kid is real.” It’s safe to say my money is gone, as Rivers is averaging just 6 points in 23 minutes per game this season. A disappointing effort, but Rivers is 20 and he’ll have time to develop.

So who’s the Rookie of the Year? Right now, some kid from Weber State is the clear cut winner for an award that LeBron, Durant, and Chris Paul have all won in the past. Have you met Damian Lamonte Ollie Lillard?

Damian Lillard grew up in Oakland, and I’ll let you write the next few sentences describing what a childhood in Oakland entails. The only difference is that Lillard’s father was a pillar in the community, keeping not just Damian out of trouble but other kids in the neighborhood as well. Despite positive influences and prep school success, Lillard was just a two-star recruit and received no major offers.

He ended up at Weber State, and spent the next three years taking dookies on the Big Sky conference. Check it out:

Bonus: Not only did Lillard post that video, another user commented with a question, and Lillard answered. What athlete does that? Lillard is also active on Twitter (@Dame_Lillard) and is constantly having giveaways and opportunities to interact with fans.

He finished his career as a Weber Wildcat 2nd in career scoring to the legendary Bruce Collins. Bruce, played for four years to Lillard’s 3, however, and went pro in 1980 where he was drafted by….wait for it…the Portland Trail Blazers. Feel free to geek out.

Lillard hasn’t transformed the Blazers with his presence  but his athleticism gives them a key piece to compete with the Westbrooks and Currys they see so often in the West. Lillard has the chops to be in their conversation, as he has quickly adapted to the speed of the game and can attack off the dribble effectively. There are not going to be any stats in this article (sorry, Daryl Morey), but know that barring injury, Lillard is your ROY. And he’s a good guy. And my Rivers bet is ruined.

Disagree? Let us know? E-mail us or tweet at us @TheOrangeWedge!

Lunch: Combine Preview Day 2 (QB, RB, WR)


For those of you who live and breathe the NFL Scouting Combine, the day you have been waiting for is here!  Today is the day that the game changers, the exciting prospects hit the turf to vie for the top spots in the NFL draft, and the Orange Wedge is back to break down all that you need to know about the skill position players on the offensive side of the ball.  These are the prom kings in high school, the ones that got the front page spreads in the newspapers, and the ones that you, the fans, will be most excited about come draft time.  Breaking down the top players available up to this point, as well as some sleeper picks:


Geno Smith (2012/Associated Press)

Geno Smith (2012/Associated Press)


Geno Smith, QB West Virginia

In this years overall weak quarterback class, Geno Smith sits atop the mountain of mediocrity as he has separated himself from the pack of quarterback prospects, and currently represents not only the top QB, but most likely number 1 overall pick to the Chiefs (Donovan McNabb 2.0?)  Smith measured in at 6’2″ 218 lbs., who has a strong arm and good speed.  For most of his career at WVU, he played out of the shotgun and made good timing reads in his routes, but did not take snaps under center and make reads while dropping back, including the use of proper footwork.  He had a great 2012 season statistically, throwing for 4,205 yds. 42 TDs and 6 INTS. I believe he will run and work out well, and scouts will be salivating over his workout numbers, including the 40, shuttle, and even bench press, but I think that scouts should instead be focusing on his field workouts.  Unlike most top quarterbacks at the combine, he actually is throwing and while he is throwing to unfamiliar targets, it should still be noted how his reads and accuracy are.  Overall, I don’t think that anything should happen here that drops him down from the spot he is currently at.  Even if he should struggle, I believe he will make it up at his pro day and be the top quarterback off the board come April.

Matt Barkley, QB Southern California

Rewind to a year ago, and we are discussing Matt Barkley going first overall to the Indianapolis Colts.  Instead he returned to school for one final year, and did nothing to impress scouts, so much so that it would appear he has thrown himself out of the first round of the draft altogether.  Barkley will be working out at the combine, but will not be participating in throwing drills, instead waiting for his pro day to throw and try to impress the scouts.  He measured in at 6’2″ 227 lbs. and it should be noted that his hand size measured at 10 1/8″, big hands and something that scouts will take notice of for gripping the ball in wet conditions.  His 2012 season included 3,273 yds. 36 TD and 15 INTS, not a great ratio for a big-time QB coming out of a big-time college program.  He most likely won’t run well, not impressing scouts with his speed and workouts, and unfortunately that is all the scouts and fans will have to go on after this weekend until the USC pro day comes around.  I believe that Barkley not throwing today will hurt him and drop his draft spot.

Tyler Wilson, QB Arkansas

A quarterback who may be a bit more under the radar than the other two top prospects, Wilson up until this point looks to be vying for the spot of second QB taken in the draft.  The thrower who grew up in Razorback nation had a very successful season leading Arkansas to success this season.  That doesn’t mean, though, that he will stick around as the next best option off the board. He measured into Indy at 6’2″ 215 lbs. but will take a huge knock with his hand size, a measly 8 3/4″, much like this familiar figure:

His 2012 season was successful, throwing for 3,387 yds. 21 TDs and 13 INTs, not great numbers for a top QB.  His workouts will say a lot about his today, as he will not show great speed, but will display great quickness, a trait that represents his good pocket presence.  I believe that his choosing to throw can only help him as he will show decent accuracy, but strong arm strength, something that can’t be taught.  Overall though, I believe he will fall behind other QB’s after today.

Other Top Names:

  • Mike Glennon, QB NC State
  • Ryan Nassib, QB Syracuse

Under the Radar:

  • Zac Dysert, QB Miami (OH)
  • E.J. Manuel, QB Florida State
  • Tyler Bray, QB Tennessee

Running Backs:

This years running back class, while not top heavy with the can’t-miss players, it does happen to be a deep class, with most of the running backs slated in the end of the first round and on.  That can change drastically depending on how some of these players run and work out in Indy today, with one good 40 time possibly being the difference between a second round selection and a selection in the top of the first round (see: Chris Johnson 2008).  Many of these running backs are very high quality with a lot of NFL upside, but may be missing one or two qualities according to scouts who followed them all season long. Highlighting the running backs are:

Giovani Bernard (2012/Erin Hull/Daily Tar Heel)

Giovani Bernard (2012/Erin Hull/Daily Tar Heel)

Giovani Bernard, RB North Carolina

This running back from the ACC displays a ton of upside and could be the running back that everyone is talking about following this year’s scouting combine.  Built a lot like Jaguars running back Maurice Jones-Drew, Bernard measured in at the comine at 5’8″ 202 lbs. but is built like a racehorse.  He had a good 2012 season rushing for 1,228 yards and 12 TDs in a pass-heavy North Carolina offense, and I am predicting that Bernard will run the fastest 40 time for the running backs this year.  The knock against him (as I said there is a knock against most of these prospects) is the torn ACL he suffered in 2010 combined with his short, quick running style including multiple cuts and quick change of direction.  When teams ask him about this, all he needs to say is: “Exhibit A: Adrian Peterson.”  I believe Bernard will answer all the questions about him and more in Indy, running well, showing good quickness and burst, and even catching the ball well enough to warrant a top 20 pick in the first round of the draft.  He will be the talk of the backs this year.

Eddie Lacy, RB Alabama

It seems like Alabama running backs are a dime a dozen, with the National Champs churning them out like butter in the old country.  A huge work-horse type back, Lacy measured in at 5’11” 231 lbs., 10 lbs. up from his playing weight during the season.  This is a red flag to scouts, and teams will keep a close eye on how Lacy added this weight, whether he looks more muscular and stronger, or whether he still has yet to stop celebrating after the victory parade.  Either way, Lacy had a strong season for the Crimson Tide, running for 1,322 yards and 17 TDs.  The strengths of his game unfortunately will not show up at the combine, unless he runs a fast 40 time, as his style revolves around his ability to put his head and shoulders down and run you over.  Decent in the passing game, better blocker than receiver, I don’t see him taking the necessary step forward to sneak into first-round conversations.

Other Top Names:

  • Joseph Randle, RB Oklahoma State
  • Andre Ellington, RB Clemson

Under the Radar:

  • Montee Ball, RB Wisconsin
  • Jawan Jamison, RB Rutgers
  • Miguel Maysonet, RB Stony Brook

Wide Receivers:

I think that the talk of the draft this year will be the entire wide receiver class, as the pass-catchers will blow the combine away, and we will see a lot of names sneak into the first round or first round discussions after this weekend.  It is always debated whether it is worth taking a wide receiver early in the draft as their impact on a game solely depends on other pieces working around them, but I truly believe that this year’s class will be one of the top overall WR classes in recent memory.  Starting off:

Cordarrelle Patterson (2012/Associated Press)

Cordarrelle Patterson (2012/Associated Press)

Cordarrelle Patterson, WR Tennessee

The undisputed top wide out throughout this season, I guarantee you nothing will change after this weekend, and Patterson will solidify his place as the top pass-catcher this year, more than likely going in the top 10, potentially top 5.  Patterson measured in at Indy at 6’2″ 216 lbs. with 9″ hands and put on 10 pounds of muscle since the season ended, a perfect body type for a number 1 wide receiver. He has great straight-line speed and separation ability and catches the ball with his hands, something that will be on display in the gauntlet which separates the men from the boys.  As a wide receiver alone he did not have a record setting year statistically, hauling inn 46 receptions for 775 yds. an 5 TDs.  He has done a lot of damage in the return game, though, as he was used in multiple facets in the game at Tennessee, being used at RB, PR, and KR.  He set the school record for all-purpose yards in a season with 1,858, and I believe will continue this damage at the next level.

Keenan Allen, WR California

Keenan Allen is a player that has been turning many heads throughout the season, as he displays great in-game speed and has given defenses in the Pac-12 headaches all season long.  He came into Indy measuring in at 6’2″ 206 lbs, and measured up with 10″ hands! Scouts will absolutely take notice of that and will make sure that he can pluck the ball away from his body, which shouldn’t be much of a problem with those hulk hands.  Allen will display good speed, running in the 4.5-4.6 range, but will be on display in the 3-cone drills demonstrating quickness and change of direction.  I believe, though, that this receiver class is very strong and Allen has a chance to slide, not because of his own abilities, but because of the workouts of other players in Indy.  Like I said, this class is crazy strong.

Other Top Names:

  • DeAndre Hopkins, WR Clemson
  • Quinton Patton, WR Louisiana Tech
  • Tavon Austin, WR West Virginia

*UPDATE* Not surprising, but Austin just blazed the field running a crazy fast time of 4.25!  The undersized receiver who caught passes this year from Geno Smith measured in petite at 5’8″ 174 lbs. but teams will quickly forget about that when they begin designing plays around this PF Flyer.  I knew Austin would have a strong combine so this time does not surprise me, but with him being a fringe first/second rounder coming into this weekend, I believe that this catapulted him into the end of the first round, and potentially the second receiver off the board.

Under the Radar:

  • Terrence Williams, WR Baylor
  • Da’Rick Rodgers, WR Tennessee Tech
  • Marquice Goodwin, WR Texas

*UPDATE* Showdown city as Goodwin decided to say to Tavon Austin so what with his time, as Goodwin scooted another 4.25 40 time.  Al Davis just contacted Reggie McKenzie and Dennis Allen from beyond the grave and said “Take this kid in the first round!”