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Dinner: Jets Show Former Cornerstone the Door

On Thursday, the Jets made 5 cuts, the sum total saving them over $30 million next year. One of those players was Bart Scott, the outspoken leader for the Jets defense under the Rex Ryan regime. There were talks of a pay cut earlier this week, but alas Scott was shown the door. It’s a shame. He would’ve been a great addition to the Jets Harlem Shake video.

Scott, who followed Ryan to the Jets in 2009, never fulfilled his potential after a monster 2006 season filling in for an injured Ray Lewis in Baltimore. Scott’s 9.5 sacks in 2006 match his sum total in 4 seasons with Gang Green, and he longer has the quickness that made him such a formidable edge rusher.

But he did have the oratory skills to make himself an effective leader. Scott’s strong suits are reminiscent of his former teammate: great leadership skills and a non-stop motor. Growing up in a poor neighborhood on the East Side of Detroit, Scott played both ways in High School and never came off the field. He received little attention from scouts but signed on at Southern Illinois, where he exceled on the field, but his mouth got him into trouble with coaches.

Why is this important? This Video:


I want something to be known. Bart Scott worked his tail off to get to the NFL. The odds of his success in professional sports were incredibly slim, but everywhere he went he made the most of his opportunities.

5 years from now (probably less) this is going to be on a SportsCenter montage of “Wildest Post-Game Interviews”, but this is so much more than that. The Jets weren’t given a chance; much like Bart Scott wasn’t given much of a chance.

Bart is now an unrestricted free agent, able to sign with whatever team he pleases. Problem is, Scott is 32 and coming off off-season elbow surgery. Maybe he goes to Kansas City. Maybe he goes to Buffalo, to reunite with former Defensive Coordinator Mike Pettine? Who knows, but either way, I hope he gets a shot. Because I know he’ll make the most of it. And I for one……..CAN’T WAIT (sorry).